I have come a long way to success and am ready to help you achieve the same.

My Previous Life


All my life I thought that only doctors and engineers were successful! So I wanted to become one, until I failed twice at my university and didn’t get into medical school. The journey was tough, I lost identity, hope, and friends! I was all alone , with no one but myself.. a self that I didn’t love enough.


I told myself that I have 2 options, I either give up on everything ! Or I take advantage of the resources available (the internet). I read every book I could, changed my lifestyle, spend so much time alone…and then decided to document my journey on Instagram.

When in doubt, choose change.


As I mentioned previously, I had no friends. So I decided to share my thoughts and ideas on Instagram which later on turned into a responsibility for helping those who are going through what I went through, making them build a mindset that helps in transforming their lives and unleashing their inner powers.


Today I have an online academy, I do training classes, and I am a financially independent young lady that believes in change.
My mission has become a responsibility to help YOU to build a life worth living.
Congratulations! You are on the right way , looking forward to hearing from you.

Life Coaching

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